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The Role We Play

How can we act as catalysts to strengthen our communities by investing in one another?

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United Way Agency Spotlight of the Month – January

Serenity House -

What is the Serenity House?
We are a local domestic violence shelter. After a major domestic violence crisis in 2002, the residents of Colquitt County realized the vital need for a safe haven for women & children of domestic violence. Since its beginning, Serenity House has provided everything from necessities such as food, clothing, & shelter to helping families with legal aid & the resources to help re-establish their independence, self-worth, & self-esteem after being affected by domestic violence.

How long have you been the director and what is your greatest achievement thus far?
I began my career with Serenity House in September of 2018.
Last year, Serenity House received State Certification. This certification is an indication that we are in compliance with all the standards the state has in place. It gave us additional funding, which was much needed.

What are your future plans/goals?
I still have several projects on the facility that I would like to see completed. I, also, plan to bring more education and awareness to the community. Domestic Violence is a major social injustice in our community that isn’t highly discussed. The community needs to be educated so they will know how to help someone in such crisis. I plan to create awareness of the services Serenity House provides (everything from temporary emergency shelter to support services). Looking forward, I would like to increase the bed space at the shelter in hopes of assisting more women and children who may need us.